Satellite Moving Devices Wireless (UK) Ltd Satellite Moving Devices Wireless We design scalable IT and Telecommunications infrastructure. United Kingdom 2017-12-31 United Kingdom Next-generation internet access for the post-broadband generation.
AdSpaces A hybrid targeted, location-aware, mobile and viewer-responsive DooH advertising platform for the post-broadcast era.
AliceHaaS The world's first Deep Learning, decentralized, low-latency distributed cloud/data centre network.
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About Satellite Moving Devices Wireless (UK) Ltd

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We are an ICT infrastructure design company with experience in the development and implementation of Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWANs), Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMANs), high-capacity Data Centres (DCs) and the Network Operations Centres (NOCs) to operate, monitor and manage this infrastructure.


We can design solutions based any combination of optical fibre, twisted copper pair, licensed or unlicensed UHF to EHF wireless carrier including Wi-fi, Wi-Gig and GSM among other wired and wireless carrier types and under full compliance with the ITU's regional regulations around the world.


Since 1999, we have offered technical consultancy services in a constantly evolving industry, providing a wide variety of clients with custom-built solutions and support for their mission critical systems.


Satellite Moving Devices Wireless has honed that experience and skill to deliver AliceHaaS - the first A.I. powered decentralized, distributed, real-time cloud environment - built from the ground up to serve the future demands of our connected planet.


We are solving today's hard problems by addressing the issues of infrastructure limitation both at the technical and at the social levels. AliceHaaS is the foundation of a new generation of scalable digital services ecosystems and our unique approach engenders us to impact multiple fields/markets, because digital infrastructure sits at the heart of everything today.


We believe that out of the significant improvement to infrastructure there should emerge the erosion of many of the barriers to the seemingly impossible.





Who We Are


Leadership Team



Paul Sisnett

Chief Executive Officer


Eugenia Lichakhina

Chief Product Officer


Serap Ipek

VP - Partnerships


Neil Scott

Chief Financial Officer


Jamie Moroney

Chief Network Architect


Nelson Melina

Senior Software Engineer


Tijn van der Zant

Chief Technology Officer



Engineering Team



Tom Byrne

Senior Blockchain Engineer


Delilah Hague

Senior Data Science Engineer


Ahmed Hassanein

Senior Front-end Engineer










Leonardo Kunar





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