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Amsterdam, January 31st, 2019. Satellite Moving Devices Wireless’ team joins Startupbootcamp Commerce, the leading global startup and scale-up accelerator program focusing on commerce industry. Along with 10 other international startups, SMD Wireless’ team will take part in its 2019 program in Amsterdam.




The team has taken part in an intense screening process at Startupbootcamp Selection Days with 20 other international startups in front of mentors and partners and the Startupbootcamp managing team at PwC HQ in the Netherlands on 29th and 30th of January. was chosen out of 400+ applications during a 4-month international scouting period when the startups went through a rigorous selection for their chance to join the next accelerator cohort. They will directly benefit from the strategic support of the corporate partners, industry leaders, mentors and investors of the program, and the Startupbootcamp network.




The team will go through an intense 3-month acceleration program in Amsterdam that will start on 27th of February and will end with the Demo Day in front of hundreds of influencers, mentors, partners, and investors on 28th May 2019.


Ernst Hoestra, Managing Director of the Startupbootcamp Commerce program, commented: “The startup ecosystem in the Netherlands is thriving, and we are happy to be bringing the 11 most promising commerce and transaction companies to Amsterdam to have them working directly with our team, corporate partners, mentors, and investors. Selected startups are operating on the verge of Logistics Solutions, Security & Fraud, AI, Data & Behavioural Analytics, Ad & Marketing Solutions, Sales Tech and Retail Tech industries. They will now have the opportunity to test, iterate and scale their ventures both locally and globally. We are glad to have Satellite Moving Devices Wireless joining the program as well.

Paul Sisnett, CTO of Satellite Moving Devices Wireless, commented: “ represents our contribution to the second financial revolution and our interpretation of the financial services model in a post-currency era. We are honoured to have been selected to become a part of the Startupbootcamp family and to take this landmark journey with such a visionary and globally influential network. represents a philosophical shift in the way we think money and commerce in general will be viewed. The future of finance, payments and money as we know it will not feature a single currency or value store that becomes the de facto standard unit of commerce. It will instead be a world dominated by a global, semi-autonomous, DLT-powered network, which performs real-time atomic swaps of currencies or value stores, as a function, not a feature of trade/payment.

Ultimately, the fundamental purpose of a payments facility is to efficiently and seamlessly exchange one value for another value, irrespective of the vehicle or currency used. is a universal payments platform designed to allow the world to utilize its money in any shape or form, with any entry point or application conceivable.
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About Startupbootcamp

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is an award-winning global network of industry-focused acceleration programs. With 20+ programs in Europe, Asia, North & South America, MENA & Africa, selected startups gain access to the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.
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The selected 11 startups for Startupbootcamp Commerce program 2019 are:

Discoperi (Ukraine) - Discoperi develops AI to solve main challenges in automotive, advertising, FMCG and insurance industries, by applying innovative recognition technology for image, voice and persons.

Eldurado (Germany) - Digitizing procurement processes for indirect goods with inorder - inorder maps all procurement processes simply, modularly and digitally.

Epiqur (Turkey) - Epiqur provides live streaming solutions with HQ audio by its integrated hardware and software.

FWDpay (Netherlands) - Enabling others to transact via SMART Direct Debits.

High Profile Club (UK) - A Tech PR platform that connects entrepreneurs with the media. (UK) - a universal mobile payments platform designed to allow the world to utilize its money in any shape or form with any conceivable entry point or application.

Vimma (UK) - Vimma is an AI-enabled platform that allows marketers to use individual’s social media posts as high-performance social ads.

Ubique (Italy) - BIT DELIVERY - Anywhere, everywhere.

Waitrr (Singapore) - Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments platform that creates a seamless dining experience for guests and increases profitability for restaurant partners.

Weareeves (Netherlands) - The first social beauty network. Less filters and more honesty, share real beauty secrets with friends.

Stripo (USA) - Drag-n-Drop and HTML email template builder for individuals, teams and SaaS.







This week, Satellite Moving Devices Wireless unveils the first local country site to sport its new design language with the launch of its brand new United Kingdom web portal.


This is the product of a thirty-month long transformation process that marks a significant departure from the previous iteration of this company, as a pure consultancy firm, through a significant restructuring and rebranding effort, to the new consumer, prosumer and B2B services company that stands today. It also marks the departure from a Caribbean-centric SMD Wireless to an EU-centric SMD Wireless with our official presence in the United Kingdom under the Satellite Moving Devices Wireless (UK) Ltd.


A licensee of the Satellite Moving Devices Group of companies, SMD Wireless (UK) Ltd will be the new global headquarters of the SMD Wireless companies and signifies the start of a new chapter in the ongoing expansion and the multinational reach of the SMD Group.


With this launch, we will be able to offer our reputed high-quality professional, personalised services directly to the markets of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including our Section λζ͵ technical consultancy services and our new financial services platform.


We will be making further announcements, including the anouncement of our first UK partners, in the coming weeks. Stay tuned as we approach our official UK launch of AliceHaaS | Systems.